Disconnect your profile

We promise not to collect any sensitive data from your authorized Spotify profile when you make submissions through our platform. The only thing we extract is your current display name, which is different from your user ID and is not unique, meaning two different users might use the same display name (for example "John Simpson"). We record the display name in order to provide some basic statistics for us and our users.
By using our service you agree to this and to the Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use.

However we do understand that you may have concerns having your account constantly connected to a third party APP.
If at any time you do not want to use our service any more you can always disconnect your profile.


1. Login to your account.

2. Open your account page.

3. Click on Apps in the menu on the left.

4. You should see a list of approved applications, that your account is currently connected to. Find "Soundplate Playlists" and click on "REVOKE ACCESS".

5. Done! Soundplate no longer has any access to your Spotify account.




If I stay connected, will you make me follow any playlists and/or artists without me knowing?
NO! We will never make you follow any profile or playlist, like/save/favorite music or any other action without your knowledge and permission!

If I stay connected, will you extract any other data from my profile without warning me first?
NO! We will never extract and store any data without your permission.

Will I be able to use your service again if I disconnect my profile?
Of course! But you will have to authorize your account and grant permissions to our Spotify APP again. This happens before you submit music to a playlist.

What info exactly do you get from the authorized profiles?
You can check our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use for details. In short we only store your display name (not real name or account ID). Nothing else!
We get your location by analyzing your IP address and try to guess from which country/city you make the submission.
We do not get that information from your authorized profile.